• Two Tokens
    One Platform
    Play games, make money, manage your company or project or buy items you can't get anywhere else..
    Use our platforms managed and run by our AI (KIP), and open a world of possibilities...

The IADOWR Tokens Difference

In the sea of new Alt Coins out there, it is hard to identify which ones have a purpose beyond an idea or raising money for the creators. We not only have a real mission, but a platform to make it happen and most importantly KIP to manage it all.

Legal and fun

You play games all the time on the web, you might even gamble legally or illegally. With us never gamble your own money and have fun winning.

Real life uses

Bet, purchase clothing and credits online, purchase in-store items and at participating retailors, play games for free or money, pay your staff, manage payroll around the world, or just save it for a safe place to put your money.

Multiple Platforms

Films, gaming, sports predictions and gambling, fantasy leagus, CRM, project management, and much more all under one platform and ran by KIP.

OTS Fund

We give the average person the opportunity to become the house with us and earn money through our gaming operations around the world.


KIP is a one of a kind AI that not only can predict human behavior and events (such as sporting events, elections, investment outcomes), he can also manage projects, hr, inventory, projects or even your personal finances.

Instant Exchange

From your wallet you will be able to exchange with others on our site for other crypto or actual money, or on one of our platforms. We will always buy your token from you.

Whether you love sports or not, you can win real money with our Free Fantasy Sports Games.

Unlike other sites where you might not get paid and you have to click on ads for tiny bits of coin, we let you play every day for free and win cash and tokens.

PCT of World That Can Play


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Chance of Winning IAX/IAD


Chance Of Losing Real Money


IAX Price Performance

The IADOWR Secure Token (IAX) was created in 2021 and our unique central bank pricing contract in conjunction with our liquidity model has created an environment for our token that has been a relief for our participants where it is hard to find in the crypto world.

Bitcoin Price Last 12 Months
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IAX Price Last 12 Months
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IAX Price Future

IAX price will be dependent on adoption and use, the more use the higher the price will go. So many platforms coming out, but just from OTS here are some results that lead to use...


Registered Users


OTSB payments to winners


IAX payments to winners


IAD payments to winners

Two Very Important Questions

What can you do with IAX/IAD and why can't IAX go below $0.10 in value?

So what can you do with IAX/IAD?
Why can't IAX go below $0.10?
IAX is not a token that the price is controlled by us or by the market. It is a hybrid pricing model which is controlled by a "Central Bank" type contract that controls the price based on buys and sells. There are no gift tokens, no reserve tokens and on day 1 the starting price was $0.10. Which means with all 2,000,000,000 tokens available the price is $0.10. See how buys and sells affect the price below.

IAX Currency Calculator

IAX is being used and purchased all over the world so use this calculater to see how much IAX costs in different currencies.

  • 1) Just choose the currency you want to use.
  • 2) Type in the amount of IAX you want to buy or the amount of the currency you want to spend.
  • 3) The calculator will show you todays rate based on IAX price and Currency Rates.
  • Conversion Rate: 1
  • (IAX amount includes the %1 exchange fee)